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The Transform App was created in response to the over 1 million emails asking for help that Chris Powell received when hosting his hit TV show on ABC, Extreme Weight Loss. He vowed that as soon as he was able, he would create the most robust digital platform to help guide the masses through the journey of transformation from start to finish - and then continue to support his users through the journey of maintenance. He wanted it to be flexible enough so that the users could have a truly customized experience based on their lifestyle and individual needs. Together with his team, they did it.


It isn’t a workout app.

It isn’t a nutrition app.

It is a transformation app.


The Transform app is 3 apps in 1:

  • 1 - Personalized Nutrition with over 600 recipes tailored to YOU, nearly 900,000 foods in the library, macro tracking, recipe sharing, and an automated nutrition ‘coach’ that will make changes to your nutrition plan to keep you achieving results.

  • 2 - At home, yoga, dance, iron gym, and cross-training Programs with over 1000 workouts, created to start easy and progress as you get fitter

  • 3 - Personal Development with 52 life lessons, a personal journal, weekly challenges, and a community of over 60,000 people transforming together.


All combined with Hydration Tracking, Step Tracking, & Progress Tracking and a community of over 60,000 like-minded people transforming together. In fact, with thousands of workouts and nearly 1,000,000 different foods, this is the most robust digital guide for transformation in existence.


The Transform App precisely combines custom nutrition with progressive training to completely transform your body, while delivering mental tactics and lessons to help you change your life. Forever. 




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